Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Experience A Sunrise Hot Air Balloon Wedding in Byron Bay

What better way to celebrate your new life together than at the beginning of a new day? A hot air balloon wedding at sunrise is a romantic ceremony idea that provides a unique and intimate start to your new life together.

Hot air ballooning in Byron Bay takes place as the new day is beginning. The air is stable and the winds are calm, ensuring a tranquil hot air balloon flight.

As the sun’s first rays lighten the skies, the balloon swells, slowly taking its form . . . After a short flight briefing, you are welcome to help with the inflation, or stand back and take photographs.

Soon after, the balloon silently takes off and starts drifting with the wind, controlled by the experienced pilot, who will give you a brief introduction to how a balloon is controlled and flown.

The views are simply exquisite, with Mount Warning, the large volcano with its massive caldera dominating the horizon to the north and the endless blue ocean to the east.

After landing in a farmer’s field, you can relax and enjoy the early morning atmosphere over a complimentary glass of chilled Champagne, or indulge in a gourmet breakfast at the five star guest house Victoria's.

This is an exclusive flight so the wedding party will be the only people in the balloon, except of course for the crew. The balloon accommodates four passengers, with a larger balloon available if you wish to inlcude up to 12 guests.

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