Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Yoga For Brides

Yoga For Brides is your place to relax, destress and rejuvenate as well as get your body in tip top shape for your special day. Feel calm and confident as you prepare for your dream wedding. Yoga For Brides will help by replacing stress with calming relaxation, meditation, breathing techniques and asanas providing an opportunity for you to develop inner peace, tranquillity and grace.

Wedding Day Yoga
Many brides choose to have a session the morning or night before their wedding day with their bridal party in order to calm the mind and distress. One off or multiple classes can be organised in the days coming up to your wedding as well as on the day itself. Classes focus on a different theme each session to help you prepare for your wedding such as stress management, partner communication, dealing with emotions.
Bridal Platinmun – 12 classes
Bridal Gold – 6 classes

Bridal Luxe
Opt for a 1 hour yoga session followed by a 1 hour massage – perfect for you or you and your husband to be in the days leading up to or following your wedding day. Can be arranged for 2 massage therapists to be there on a mobile basis.

Hen Parties 
Step away from the traditional hen party and focus on relaxation and calming in a fun environment! Group yoga for you and your hen party.

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